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Metrix Classic Battery - Display of 20 - Single Piece

Metrix Classic Battery - Display of 20 - Single Piece

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Discover the ultimate in vaping convenience with the Metrix Classic Battery. This offering comes as a single piece within a display of 20, perfect for enthusiasts and retailers alike. The Metrix Classic Battery is designed for compatibility with 510 thread cartridges, ensuring versatility in your vaping choices. Elevate your vaping experience with this high-quality battery that combines ease of use, reliability, and a display-ready package.

Key Features:

  • Display of 20: Ideal for retailers or avid vapers, the Metrix Classic Battery comes in a display of 20, offering convenience and a ready-to-show package.
  • Single Piece Convenience: Each purchase includes a single Metrix Classic Battery, allowing for straightforward and standalone use with 510 thread cartridges.
  • 510 Thread Cartridge Compatibility: Designed with compatibility in mind, the Metrix Classic Battery seamlessly works with 510 thread cartridges, providing versatility and freedom of choice.
  • Reliable Performance: Crafted for durability and consistent performance, the Metrix Classic Battery ensures reliability, making it a trusted choice for your vaping needs.
  • Easy to Use: Enjoy the simplicity of use with the Metrix Classic Battery. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or a beginner, this battery offers a hassle-free and user-friendly experience.

Elevate your vaping setup with the Metrix Classic Battery - Display of 20 - Single Piece, where compatibility meets convenience.

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