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Real Ruby Dab Beads - Pair of 2

Real Ruby Dab Beads - Pair of 2

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Elevate your dabbing experience with our Real Ruby Dab Beads - a pair of two exquisite 6mm lab-grown synthetic pearls designed for enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of quality. Crafted from real ruby material, these beads enhance your concentrate sessions with precision and style. The 6mm size ensures optimal performance, creating a seamless and efficient rotation within your dab rig. Discover the luxury of genuine ruby in every dab with our carefully curated pair of Real Ruby Dab Beads.

Key Features:

  • Real Ruby Material: Crafted from real ruby, these dab beads offer a touch of luxury to your concentrate sessions.
  • Lab-Grown Synthetic Pearls: The 6mm lab-grown synthetic pearls ensure consistent quality and performance for an elevated dabbing experience.
  • Pair of 2: Each set includes a pair of two Real Ruby Dab Beads, allowing for versatile use in your dab rig.
  • Precision and Style: Experience precision and style in every dab as the beads rotate seamlessly within your rig, enhancing the overall efficiency of your sessions.
  • Exquisite 6mm Size: The 6mm size of the beads is carefully chosen for optimal performance, providing a perfect fit for various dab rigs.
  • Carefully Curated: Our Real Ruby Dab Beads are carefully curated to deliver a luxurious and reliable addition to your concentrate collection.

Indulge in the luxury of genuine ruby with our Real Ruby Dab Beads - a pair of two that promise an elevated dabbing experience like no other.

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