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SHRUM - All in one MUSHROOM Grow Bag!(only grow bag)


Introducing the Shrüm All-In-One Grow Bag by Advanced Mycology 

Growing mushrooms is now radically simple! Make no mistake this is a turning point. No Tubs, no tents, no dedicated clean grow space, no mycology experience needed!

Mycology is hard and unforgiving. The challenge of growing mushrooms is the extreme sterility game.

Sterility is warfare against a microscopic enemy you can't see.

Meet SHRUM All-In-One grow bag! Your fortress against bacteria and mold, with new unique filter strip technology to provide better airflow, letting your mushrooms breathe.

Now anyone can grow mushrooms! It's as simple as:

1. INJECT your spores or liquid culture (not included)

2. WAIT until fruits form



Waiting is the hardest part, but you get to experience the miracle of life, from mycelium to mushrooms, and watch your babies grow!!

Each retail box includes:

-Shrum all-in-one grow bag (vacuum sealed to keep fresh)

-Detailed instruction booklet

-Inoculation data label

-Alcohol wipe

-Mylar storage bag with dry pack to store your dried mushrooms


Each bag yields roughly 1/2 oz of dry weight depending on variety

2-3 harvests are possible from each grow bag!

Shipping & Returns

We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return.

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